Friday, September 19, 2008

NROL - Week 7 - Friday

Today was Fat Loss 1B, with 60 second rest periods:

[superset w/ full rest]:
(conventional) deadlift
db incline bench press

[superset w/ full rest]:
Bulgarian split-squat 3x12x5 (per leg)
mixed-grip lat pulldown 3x12x67

[superset w/ full rest]:
Romanian deadlift
Swiss ball lateral roll 3x12xbw (per side) - I still don't understand the point of these

6:35 AM - cottage cheese & cantaloupe; eaten on couch

10:00 AM - mozzarella string cheese; eaten in kitchen; I was so dizzy from a pain in my ovary that I thought it might be a good idea to eat something before heading out to go grocery shopping; the pain had subsided by then (thank you ibuprofen!!) but it knocked the crap out of me for about half hour

11:00 AM - chicken breast & coleslaw; eaten on couch

11:20 AM - coffee w/ cream & Splenda

3:00 PM - chicken breast w/ mozzarella cheese & chipotle sauce on tortilla; eaten at desk; I actually forgot to eat, so I threw this together

6:30 PM - homemade chicken soup w/ mixed vegetables, whole wheat pasta; eaten at couch; I didn't measure this out or enter specifics into my nutritional tracker, but I had one bowl

8:00 PM - Cheerios w/skim milk; eaten at desk; I didn't measure any of it out, and it was a full bowl; I worried that it would make me eat at least more cereal, when I really shouldn't, but it didn't

I really wanted to try a serving of ice cream or a candy bar today, but I want to do it on a day I can be 100% accountable and log everything accurately. Today was not that day.

No numbers today because of the dinner and cereal.

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Hayley said...

You are amazing...seriuosly you sound more and more like a "normal" eater every time I read your blog..

Thanks for what you wrote on my blog...I think you're right about therapy. Lord knows I've seen countless therapists and I always seem to know what to say because I always feel like I know what they're going to ask! I have the "tools" I just have to use them.