Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Strength Training Routine

So, I've finally settled on a routine to replace Body For Life. I'm going to start with Built's Basically Training, then move on to her Baby Got Back routine. At this point, I have no idea how long I'll be doing Basically Training, but I'm starting with 3 sets of 5, and when I can do 3 sets of 8, I'll add weight. When I get bored with that, I will switch to BGB. Basically Training is a full-body workout three times a week, whereas BGB is more specialized into dominant muscle groups with a four day split. I'm easing back in this week, with no HIIT (because I still have some lung capacity problems at times). I'll add that next week, I think.

Here's the plan:

warm ups - 10 of: any style pushup, squats, walking lunges

goblet squats (3x5 @ 15 lbs)
Romanian dead lifts (3x5 @ 15 lbs)
lat pull down (3x5 @ 10 lbs) [The plan actually calls for chin/pull ups, but I can't do those yet (not even negatives or assisted) so I think these are the next best thing.]
Arnold presses (3x5 @ 10 lbs)
one arm dumbbell rows (3x5 @ 15 lbs)
low incline dumbbell presses (3x5 @ 10 lbs)
ball crunches

followed by 20 minutes of moderate intensity, steady state cardio

The weight load may change, depending on how it feels tomorrow.

Eating will pretty much stay the same, except I'll be carb cycling, so more Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle style eating. Or, I'll just wing it.

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