Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Challenge 3 Day 2

I did my strength training today, and it rocked!!! Even though I really underestimated how much I could lift, I thought it went well. I'll be increasing the weights for everything on Thursday, and increasing the number of reps to 6. I'll go from there. I really, really like the program - my quads are screaming right now - and I can't wait until next week when I can add a little cardio.

hard boiled egg (pre workout)

cotttage cheese
banana (post workout)

fortified French toast
coffee w/ cream

egg salad on English muffin
tea w/ cream

tea w/ cream


Calories - 1462
Carbs - 119 (25 fiber)
Protein - 159
Fat - 47
C/P/F Ratio - 31/41.5/27.5

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