Saturday, January 12, 2008

Challenge 2 Day 48

No workout today. I'm wiped out. I have to take some time off to kick this cough. And I think when I get back, I'll be doing a new routine. I love BFL, but I'm getting tired of UBWO taking forever. I enjoy weight lifting (a lot) so I'm considering a different split. There is a plan I'm looking into, and eating will stay the same (except I might carb/calorie cycle). So, for the next week, I won't be working out while I let my body recover and gear up for the new plan.

Food one was pretty good today, considering I haven't really had an appetite.

cottage cheese
egg salad on mini wheat bagel
tea w/ cream

fortified french toast
tea w/ cream

peanut butter on mini wheat bagel

shrimp & pasta


Calories - 1444
Carbs - 155 (23 fiber)
Protein - 78
Fat - 68
C/P/F Ratio - 40.2/20.3/39.5

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