Thursday, September 27, 2007

Challenge 1 Day 46

Cardio was much better today. I started off at a slower pace and was able to do the BFL intervals! I held back a little big because I have a big, clunky mp3 player and can't move very fast with it. I won't be getting my small one back from my step-daughter until the end of November.

Food was good. I need more veggies.

cottage cheese
coffee w/ cream

scrambled eggs w/ green pepper, onion, garlic

yogurt w/ protein powder
coffee w/ cream

spaghetti squash w/ onion
ground chicken

English muffin w/ butter
turkey slices

Calories - 1301
Carbs - 115 (16 fiber)
Protein - 117
Fat - 44
Ratio - 34.8c/35.3p/29.9f

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