Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Challenge 1 Day 30

My heart rate during cardio is slipping. Not much, but it's down a bit on my Level 10. I guess I'll be kicking it up a notch. It felt really good today, but I'm really looking forward to a change after next week.

I've been really hungry today. I ate some frankenfoods - Fiber One and Curves snack bars - to try them out. They were ok, but I really think I'd like to make my own. I also made my own protein shake. It was ok. I like them better with heavy cream instead of skim milk. I also had a good hunk of cheese. Boy, that tasted great!!!

cottage cheese

egg & turkey scramble
sweet potato

Turkey on English muffin
Fiber One & Curves bars
protein shake

cheddar cheese

broccoli & beef

Calories - 1765
Carbs - 156 (35 fiber)
Protein - 187
Fat - 51
Ratio - 34c/40.8p/25.1f

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