Monday, December 6, 2010

Countdown to Christmas Challenge - Week 5 - Monday

barbell static lunge 5x5x70 lbs 
db shoulder press 5x5x27.5 lbs
pronated grip bodyweight row 3x12
mountain climber 3x30

2 activity points for this. I really don't care much for mountain climbers. I was not in the mood to do this today. I slept a little longer than normal because I wasn't feeling well (dry air) and intended to work out after my son's allergy shots. Then I was asked to sub in the after school program for a while, and by the time we got home from shots after that, it was pretty late. Then I had tons of last minute stuff to do to get ready for tomorrow's suddenly rescheduled to earlier in the morning cookie dough delivery. I just wanted to bail. But I didn't.

apple [0] & cottage cheese [5]
baked sweet potato [5]
black bean quesadillas [10] & salad w/ salsa & olive oil [2], banana [0]
grapes [0]
light English muffin [3] w/ butter [1] & pumpkin cookies [3]

20 ounces of water, two coffees [2] and several teas. I ate all my daily and activity points and met my GHGs. I am very satisfied. I have 49 weekly points remaining.

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