Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Countdown to Christmas Challenge - Week 5 - Wednesday

I did not work out today. I didn't even want to get out of bed. I'm so sick from the stress of the cookie dough fundraiser and working with snot-covered first graders last week. I want to sleep for a week.

banana [0]
apple [0] & ham slice [1]
banana [0], mixed vegetables [0], rice [1] & ground turkey [2] - All of these (including the stuff listed above) was eaten at work. I just had a very little bit of rice and turkey, maybe a tablespoon of each.
venison tenderloin [6] & salad w/ salsa & olive oil [2]
cottage cheese [5]
grapes, hot chocolate [5] - Okay, so it was a bunch of warmed milk with NESQUIK.

One coffee [1] and several teas. I met my GHGs but I'm still 6 points shy of my daily target. I've been eating enough fruit and vegetables that I'm just not hungry. I still have 49 weekly points remaining.

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