Sunday, December 26, 2010

Countdown to Christmas Challenge - Week 7 - Wednesday to Sunday

I tried to be really good. Fortunately, I've had to eat slowly and carefully since my gums are still healing and it's very awkward to eat with the bridge in. I prefer to take it out to eat. To be honest, I prefer to be without it unless I'm in public.

Wednesday was my travel day. At home, I ate baked oatmeal and cream of broccoli soup. On the 12-hour trip, I stuck mostly to more baked oatmeal, cottage cheese, and bananas. We had cookies that my son had made Monday, but they were too hard for me to eat. I did buy a three-bean salad from the store on the way. It was good, but had too much canola oil.

On Thursday, I continued to eat my good foods, but I also tried a few Christmas treats. I couldn't eat nearly as much as I usually could, to I'm quite thankful for this week's dental work. I ate enough to make me think, "Okay, these were good but I'm really not feeling well." I counted the points for them and moved on.

Friday started off right - with eggs & olive oil and fruit. I had some vegetables then some goodies. Not enough to binge on but enough to definitely make me feel sick.

Saturday was all about not throwing up from the sugar I'd eaten Friday. I did overeat on Christmas dinner but no binges! Same thing on Sunday. I didn't bother with points but I kept the stuffing my face to a moderate level.

I am so ready to go home!

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