Monday, December 13, 2010

Countdown to Christmas Challenge - Week 6 - Monday

barbell static lunge 5x5x70 lbs
db shoulder press 5x5x30 lbs
pronated grip bodyweight row 3x12
mountain climber 3x30

I increased my shoulder press. It was freaking hard!!!!!!  2 activity points for this.

oatmeal [4] w/ protein powder [1] & banana [0]
tater tots [6] & coleslaw [4] - I really should know better than to eat at work, damn it. I even took an apple & cottage cheese but I couldn't stop snatching tots out of the warmer between classes.
salad [0] w/ black beans[4] & sweet & spicy sauce [3], baked butternut squash [0]
skim milk [2] & white chocolate [4]

Two coffees [2] and several teas. I met my GHGs, used all of my daily points and 1 activity points. I have 49 weekly points remaining.

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