Friday, February 5, 2010

Turbulence Training - Day 40 of 84

I am so mad, I could spit! I lost my Turbulence Training "BEFORE" pictures! They aren't on my camera memory stick, they aren't on my external drive, and they are not on any of my 3 computers. I'd been having problems with the card reader on my netbook, so I tried formatting my memory stick. I must have forgotten to get the pictures off of it first. The rules for the TT Transformation contest are pretty clear - I can't use my post-P90X pictures. I am so damn mad. I'm going to keep going, of course, but what a damn pisser. I'll have to do TT again sometime this year. Ugh, I'm so mad.

Warm Up
T-squat - 10 reps
off-set push up - 10 reps
prisoner siff squat - 10 reps
stability ball rollout - 10 reps

Workout C - rest as little as possible
A1) hang clean (3x6x40 lbs)
A2) db incline press (3x6x25 lbs)
B1) db split squat w/ front foot elevated (3x8x20 lbs per side)
B2) Spiderman lunge (3x20)
C1) chin up (6/5/4)
C2) Spiderman push up (3x20)
D1) db siff lunge (3x12x10 lbs per side)
D2) mountain climber (3x60)
D3) jumping jack (3x60)

I did the second and third sets of Spiderman push ups as regular push ups. I was just exhausted from the very beginning of this workout. My chest rattled the whole time and I got caught mid-lift several times with the coughs. I improved my chin ups (which are really supposed to be pull ups) over last week, and I'm trying to really concentrate on the negative, and make it slow. I love my biceps. 2 activity points for this mess.


"fried" eggs, turkey ham [3 pts], toast w/ reduced-sugar jelly [1 pt]

apple & cottage cheese

salad w/ raw vegetables, tuna & light balsamic dressing [1 pt]

grilled turkey w/ avocado on a bun [2 pts], sweet potato, corn; I probably should have picked a real vegetable.


Three cups of coffee and 60 ounces of water. 9 weekly and 12 activity points remaining.


Melty said...

Is it possible you've posted or emailed those pictures at all so that you'd be able to get the back? Can you not use the post P90X photos because too much time has gone by? It wasn't that long between the two programs.

Becky said...

I didn't upload the pictures or email them anywhere. I can't use the P0X pictures because the rules of the Turbulence Training Transformation contest require a picture of you, the day you started with a newspaper visible. I'll have to wait until the next contest and start over if I want to complete my application. It sucks. I wasn't going to win, but I did want to follow through. I can still post before (post P90X) and afters on my blog, and write my essay, but now I can't do the contest submission.