Thursday, February 18, 2010

Turbulence Training - Day 53 of 84

I did my last Turbo Jam Fat Blaster workout (for a while) today. I meant to really step it up but I got distracted going through the first set of turbos and sort of lost momentum. 173 calories (2 activity points)

cereal w/ skim milk, fruit salad

omelet w/ onion, green pepper, tomato, avocado & salsa

salad w/ romaine lettuce, carrots, celery, jicama, tomato, tuna fish & dijon vinaigrette dressing

baby carrots

homemade Chinese food [2 pts]; It was mostly Core and really good! It's Core+1, but I took 2 points just in case.

apple & cottage cheese

Three cups of coffee and 20 ounces of water. 18 weekly and 10 activity points remaining.

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