Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Turbulence Training - Day 52 of 84

I spent a good part of yesterday going through every folder on my external drive and all three of my computers, looking for my "before" pictures for the Turbulence Training Transformation contest. I wish I could say I stuck them in the wrong folder but I did not find them. They aren't hidden files. They just aren't anywhere. I don't know if I could recover them from my formatted memory stick or not, but I'm not going to spend money or piss around trying to find the right free program to do the job. So, I can't submit my results to the contest, but I can still finish what I started!

Warm Up
T-squat - 10 reps
off-set push up - 10 reps
prisoner siff squat - 10 reps
stability ball rollout - 10 reps

Workout B - rest as little as possible
A1) push press (3x5x50 lbs)
A2) db Romanian dead lift (3x6x35 lbs)
B1) one-arm db row (3x8x30 lbs)
B2) 1-leg squat (3x8)
C1) glute-ham raise on ball (3x12)
C2) stability ball ab curl (3x15)

I rocked the RDLs! I wasn't sure I'd be able to hold on to the dumbbells but I had no problems. I kind of wish I'd pushed it to 40 or 45 pounds. I did the squats with my suspension trainer and it was the best set of single-leg squats I've ever done. I could get down low and balance better. Totally awesome! 2 activity points.

Interval Workout B - 3 min warm up, 30 s very hard pace, 60 s moderate pace x 6, 3 min cool down - I didn't really enjoy this today, even know it was the last one. I don't think I'm going to run for intervals during the next phase.
Distance: 1.11 miles
Calories: 103 (1 activity point)

fruit salad & cottage cheese

omelet w/ onion, green pepper, tomato, avocado & salsa

tuna patties (tuna fish, egg, herbs, flax meal) [2 pts] w/ mustard on rice cakes [2 pts], carrot & celery sticks

brown rice & garbanzo beans; I should have had a proper protein because I was hungry, but I was too cold to stand in the kitchen and cook anything. It's 70 degrees in my house, I'm wearing 2 sweatshirts, and I am still freezing my ass off.

ground venison (w/ taco seasoning), fat free refried beans, light sour cream [1 pt] on romaine lettuce wraps

apple & yogurt [2 pts]

40 ounces of water and I lost count on the cups of tea. 20 weekly and 8 activity points remaining. I think I am eating too much. I'm not taking more than one serving of anything (because I measure most things out), but I think it's too much food. Or not the right foods. Hell, I don't know.


Melty said...

I thought your food choices looked good.

When is TT over?

You have me so jealous on the suspension trainer. how much do they cost again? I did my squats in front of the mirror the other day and I totally don't go low enough but I physically can't. I think it's my shorty legs.

Becky said...

The TRX runs $190-270. It cost me $20 for materials and takes 15 minutes to put together the homemade version.

Becky said...

Oh, and I have 4 more weeks of TT, then I have a week before I go to NY for a week.

Melty said...

I have 4 more weeks too for CLX. I switched a Push and Lean week. now I'm going back to my last push week this week. Long story.

maybe someday I'll pay you to make me one. :)

Becky said...

If you can tie a bowline knot, you can make your own. That was the only "hard" part. But it was worth it. I freaking love atomic push ups with it. There's so much crap you can do with it. I'm still researching and bookmarking all that, but maybe after Insanity, I'll start using it regularly for metabolic training (that's a fancy new term I've learned for cardio through resistance training - I think there's some in NROL4W).

Becky said...

Oh, re: shorty legs and squats, I'm not even 5'2" and I can get low (almost ass to grass). I don't think it's necessarily a short leg thing. I think it's a hip flexibility thing.

Becky said...

Or hip mobility. Or something with the hips.

Melty said...

Well you just blew a hole in my "short legs" excuse! I want to see you do a squat. Do one and have Sam (or Sebastian) take a pic of you from the side. :)

But i think you might be on to something with the hips.

Becky said...

I have barbell squats this week. I'll see if I can get Sebastian to take one. Do you want a "work out" squat or a demo squat?

Melty said...

One of each. LOL!

Becky said...

I'll try to get those Wednesday (squat day), but if I can get Sam to to it before then, I will. I'd do them right now but half our crap is blocking my squat rack.

Melty said...

Dave is putting the mirror up in the gym. he took off part of the baseboard and is painted the wall first so the whole room is a disaster. Once everything is back in place, I'm going to take a picture for you. :p I am so freakin' excited about my full length mirror to work out in front of. I can't even begin to tell you how happy it makes me. Thursday it was just leaning against the wall waiting for Dave to put it up so I was able to use it then and it was soooo awesome. Now it's across the room until he's done with the painting. Hopefully tomorrow he'll finish up and hang it. Yippee!

Becky said...

Awesome! I hope it gets done tomorrow. I use the glass from the gun cabinet and my shadow. Maybe I should put up a mirror.