Saturday, February 20, 2010

Turbulence Training - Day 55 of 84

After I blogged last night (you know what's coming, don't you?), I had some chocolate. I ate more than I should have, not as much as I wanted, and nowhere near a binge. I did eat 12 points worth though, so that took up all the weekly points I had left. I really tried not to eat it. The longer I tried to not eat it, the more I wanted it. After an hour, I decided, screw it. I should have had just one serving but I didn't. I just keep telling myself it could have been worse.

I did not get my plyometric intervals in this morning as planned. We decided this week that we absolutely needed to tear out the carpet and put laminate flooring in the entire house. My son's allergies are getting worse, and I put my foot down. I convinced my husband, finally, that I didn't just want to get rid of the carpets for aesthetic reasons. I've been telling him for a year that our son's allergies were aggravated by the carpet (it even bothers me) and I finally gave him an ultimatum. So we spent the day doing that. We have more of the same tomorrow, then we'll be able to finish up next weekend. I also scrubbed my kitchen walls. I'm not taking any activity points for this nonsense.

oatmeal w/ banana

baby carrots

chicken salad w/ avocado, tomato, salsa & light sour cream [1 pt]


roasted cauliflower & steak

Three cups of coffee, three cups of tea, and 20 ounces of water. 11 activity points remaining.

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