Wednesday, August 13, 2008

NROL - Week 2 - Wednesday

No formal cardio today. I am taking my son, niece, and nephew out to the aquarium, then out to lunch today. When I get back, I will spend some time playing Wii Sports/Fit with my son. I need to be better about doing the good cardio. The Wii stuff doesn't really have the same effect for me.

Bah! I just noticed that the Splenda in the tracker was off - it wasn't registering any calories, and it does have calories when you are using more than one serving. I fixed that by making my own Splenda entry instead of using someone else's.

Ok, we ended up not going to the aquarium. It was raining and the place was packed with tourists. I didn't use the Wii, either. So, it's a lazy, high calorie day.

7:00 AM - coffee w/ Splenda & cream - I drank coffee at my desk for 2 hours

9:30 AM - turkey bacon, tomato, onion sandwich w/ & cheese (on whole wheat roll); eaten at desk; I was hungry but needed to delay my mean because I'll be out and about for a while before lunch; not satisfying at all, but that may just be because I'm anxious about going out with 3 kids in the pouring rain and lunch seems so far away

1:30 PM - red beans & chicken breast sauteed in butter; eaten at desk; annoyed because the kids are here but I'm glad I didn't get the salad at McDonald's - it would have been over 400 calories

3:30 PM - walnuts (plus I've been drinking diet cherry Pepsi all afternoon); eaten at desk; I've been craving walnuts all day and my husband brought some home for me; I'm sad to see how little 30 grams of walnuts really is

6:00 PM - bacon cheeseburger pie & green beans; eaten at table; this stuff is to die for, but I only ate half the amount I intended to eat!!!!!!! GO ME!!!!!

Calories - 1499
Carbs - 74 (19 fiber)
Protein -82
Fat - 100
C/P/F Ratio - 19.3/21.5/59.2

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