Saturday, August 16, 2008

NROL - Week 2 - Saturday

Off to a late start this morning. I did the Break In B workout:

deadlifts 2x15x52 (up 5 pounds from last time)

[superset w/ full rest]:
step-up 2x15x5
db 1 arm shoulder press 2x15x12

[superset w/ full rest]:
close-grip lat pull 2x15x56 (up 6 pounds from last time)
reverse crunch 2x20xbw (still hate these)

It's another hungry day. I'm angry that I just can't sit down and eat something, that I have to weigh and measure and eat on a schedule. I resent my body very much today. No real cravings, just hungry.

8:50 AM - apple & cottage cheese w/ Splenda & cinnamon; eaten on couch before workout; not really hungry

11:20 AM - tilapia warmed in butter on whole wheat bread w/ mustard, ketchup & horseradish sauce; eaten on couch while watching tv; I was hungry and really couldn't wait another half hour for lunch

1:15 PM - tilapia warmed in butter w/ baby carrots, coffee w/ Splenda & cream; eaten on couch while watching tv; again, I couldn't go the 3 hours between meals

2:30 PM - walnuts & grapes; eaten on couch while watching tv; best snack I've had in a while but still hungry

4:15 PM - coffee w/ Splenda & cream

5:20 PM - roast & whole wheat pasta; eaten at dinner table; full, but I could eat more;

7:05 PM - coffee w/ Splenda & cream

Calories - 1744
Carbs - 153 (25 fiber)
Protein - 132
Fat - 82
C/P/F Ratio - 32.6/28.2/39.2

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