Monday, August 4, 2008

NROL - Week 1 - Monday

I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of myself. I had NO BINGES while on vacation. I didn't eat well, in terms of quality, but I did manage my portions. The only thing I went (deliberately) overboard on was the Java Monsters (energy drinks) on the drive home. I consumed many, many cans in order to stay awake.

I weighed in today. 158. Bah. But I now have a solid starting point, and I'll resume weighing on Sunday mornings. I didn't weigh yesterday because I had been driving all night. I intended to do some Turbo Jam this morning, but I had such a hard time getting any sleep yesterday (meaning, I got none and was up for 36 hours straight), that I slept in today and cleaned my house instead of doing cardio. I'm okay with that.

I started reading the book I ordered, Overcoming Binge Eating. It's really fascinating, and I know I am finally on to something. I can already identify with so much of it.

Food hasn't been the greatest today. Well, it's on plan, but I haven't eaten enough. I've been on the go all day. I am going lower carb, higher fat, but not quite Atkins. Certainly not doing the rungs!

b - coffee w/ heavy cream
l - cottage cheese, apple
d - ground beef, onion, green pepper
snack - grilled turkey & cheese on double fiber wheat bread
snack - cashews

Calories - 1294
Carbs - 71 (15 fiber)
Protein - 82
Fat - 87
C/P/F Ratio - 20.3/23.5/56.2

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Congratulations on not binging on vacation!!!! That is huge! You really should be proud of yourself. I want to hear more about the book!