Saturday, August 23, 2008

NROL - Week 3 - Saturday

I think my brain is going to fry. I'm trying to read the No Binge book by Joyce Nash and Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes at the same time. The Taubes book is a library book I put on hold and wasn't expecting to soon, so this is my only window of opportunity.

Today was the NROL Break In A workout:

squats 2x15x32 (up 5 pounds)

[superset w/ full rest]:
static lunge 2x15x7.5 (up 2.5 pounds)
2 pt db row w/ elbows out 2x15x15 (up 3 pounds)

[superset w/ full rest]:
push up on knees 2x15xbw
crunch on Swiss ball 2x20xbw

I am getting used to the 15 rep sets, I think. I wasn't nearly as angry as I normally am today. Progress! Three more weeks of Break In!

I seem to do a lot of eating on the couch. Seriously, I don't spend the day there! It's just nice to take a break and sit somewhere comfortable! Our dining table is in the living room anyway (it's a big-ish room).

I also ate a small bite of my son's banana (it was mushy and he wouldn't eat it) and 2 pieces of popcorn.

8:55 AM - apple & cottage cheese; eaten on couch before workout

10:05 AM - honey puff cereal w/ milk; eaten on couch; My son insisted I buy these for him but then wouldn't eat them. I didn't want them to go to waste, but I didn't care for them - I'd rather have Cheerios.

10:30 AM - South Beach Tide Me Over protein water (hey, I remembered to log it this time!!)

12:00 PM - chicken breast, red beans, coffee w/ cream & Splenda; eaten on couch

12:30 PM - whole wheat pumpkin carrot muffin; eaten on couch; these muffins are so good.

2:15 PM - coffee w/ cream & Splenda

6:30 PM - scrambled eggs w/ chipotle sauce & turkey bacon; eaten at desk; it doesn't feel like I went 6 hours without eating - I know I was really hungry by the time I finally started cooking

9:45 PM - whole wheat pumpkin muffins; eaten on couch; a little late for a snack and they put my numbers up there, but these are so good!! It takes everything in me not to eat all of them in one sitting.

Calories - 1761
Carbs - 199 (33 fiber)
Protein - 123
Fat - 53
C/P/F Ratio - 45/27.9/27

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