Saturday, August 29, 2009

P90X Fit Test Results

I did my P90X Fit Test and body fat measurements/pictures today. I had to get it done today because my husband won't be able to help me with it next weekend. I'll have measurements and weights next Sunday, and I'll be uploading everything to the web, and adding links on my page. Here are the results of my P90X Fit Test:

Resting Heart Rate: 58 bpm
Pull Ups (minimum for women - 1): 3/4, the instructions say your chin needs to be above the bar, and I got mine to the bar, but no higher.
Vertical Leap (minimum - 3 inches): 10 inches
Push Ups (minimum for women - 3 on toes or 15 on knees): 23 on toes
Toe Touch (minimum - 6 inches to toes): 2.5 inches beyond toes
Wall Squat (minimum - 1 minute): 1:19
Bicep Curls (minimum for women - 10 reps w/ 8 lbs): 13 @ 15 lbs
In & Outs (minimum - 25): 35
Heart Rate Maximizer:
-immediately after jumping jacks: 161 bpm
-after 1 minute rest: 116 bpm
-after 2 minutes rest: 88 bpm
-after 3 minutes rest: 82 bpm
-after 4 minutes rest: 72 bpm


Hayley said...

I'd say you aced that test with flying colors! :)

Becky said...

I am a bit upset that I didn't make the pull up, but I am otherwise VERY pleased!

Hayley said...

You should be! You blew those "norms" or whatever they are, right out of the water! :)