Monday, August 17, 2009

Labor Day Challenge - Week 6 - Monday

I did these 2 as a pair, with 45 seconds of rest at the end of the circuit:
lying barbell press 5x5x70
one-arm dumbbell row 5x5x30
I did these 2 as a pair, with 30 seconds of rest at the end of the pair:
seated calf raise 3x20x40
lying dumbbell fly 3x8x20

The elbow brace didn't really help when I was lifting today. I don't know if I'm just more conscious of the injury or what, but I'm positive this is my last week of lifting, and I'll take 2 weeks off before P90X starts.

I hate to type this but this blog is all about honesty. I ate a bunch of crap last night after I posted: some pretzels, a grilled cheese sandwich, some peanut M&Ms, some cashews and a hot dog. I didn't binge but I did feel out of control. I wasn't even hungry. I drank water, tried distractions, and even argued with myself about how stupid my behavior was. I could have made better food choices (I had vegetables prepped) or even limited my poorer choices (measure out the food) but I did neither. I know I'm not going to be perfect and I'll have setbacks, and I am "happy" that the behavior I was exhibiting last year isn't as intense this year, so I feel like I'm still making progress. Honestly, I think the anticipation of doing the P90X nutrition plan is messing with my head. It's challenging, for sure, so some part of me probably feels like I need to get all the bad stuff in now. Something like this happens, and I begin to doubt my ability to follow a specific eating plan. I never have been able to do it, faithfully, even with Atkins. I think I do better when I don't follow one, but there's something about wanting to do P90X as it was truly intended that keeps tugging at me - like if I do it and fail, I still tried my best. But what if I just do the exercise and fail? I hadn't done my best because I skipped the critical part of the program. The nutrition program is weird, and kind of hard to follow at first. I'll get 1800 calories a day (which is more than I usually eat when I am eating right), but the first month is higher protein, lower carb and from there you decrease protein and increase carbs. I should be an old pro at that, right? I'll get fruit and starch and all that - there are no food groups missing - but for some reason, it just feels intimidating.

9:00 AM - apple & cottage cheese

10:40 AM - turkey bacon, omelet w/ light cream cheese, onion, green pepper & picante sauce

1:45 PM - ground turkey & brown rice

7:00 PM - green peppers & almonds; Well, 1 almond. I intended to eat these before class, but I didn't have time, so I ate them as I walked home. I made it through the green peppers but when I got my almonds out, I fumbled with the container, and it fell on the ground. So I only got to eat one.

7:35 PM - roast, broccoli & cauliflower w/ vidalia onion vinaigrette dressing

8:30 PM - yogurt & almonds

Two cups of coffee and 80 ounces of water.

Calories - 1466
Carbs - 132 (26 fiber)
Protein - 113
Fat - 61
C/P/F Ratio - 34.4/29.5/36


Hayley said...

I get the same way when I decide to try a specific "plan." Even the whole raw foods/vegan thing started out as just being a way to add more veggies into my diet and now I feel like I can't have this, that and the other. You will still get excellent results with the way you were eating before contemplating P90X's plan. Try P90 and if it isn't suiting you or you find yourself snacking more often than you'd like then go back to what works for you. It's all a learning process..

Jess said...

You are definitely leaps and bounds ahead of what you were last year. If it makes you feel any better, I tend to do the same thing before I start a plan. It's like I get in the mindset that I'll *never* be able to indulge in the yummy foods again. I'm not doing to bad right now but it's definitely a struggle.

You are doing great though! Your honesty on your blog is refreshing. :)

Jess said...

too bad (not to bad) - argh!