Thursday, August 6, 2009

Labor Day Challenge - Week 4 - Thursday

I did these 2 as a pair, with 45 seconds of rest at the end of the pair:
negative chin up 5x5xbodyweight
dumbbell shoulder press 5x5x15
I did these 2 as a pair, with 30 seconds of rest at the end of the pair:
dumbbell pull over 3x8x20
standing calf raise 3x8x70

No cardio, but I did go to the beach with my son. We live about half a mile from the ocean, so we just walked. Some people would think we're lucky to live here, but really, I'm not a fan of the beach. I don't like the heat and the sun damages my skin easily. I burn, even with high SPF, and I have rosacea, so my face breaks out badly if I'm in the sun too long. But today was a very good day, weather-wise, for me - partly cloudy, good breeze, not too hot. The water was quite cold though. We didn't actually swim, but Sebastian loved it. If all goes well, we're going again tomorrow, and hopefully Sunday when my husband can go, too. I'm glad I made my lunch before we left though. By the time we got home and cleaned up, I was starving. Fortunately, my salad was ready.

I tried out a recipe for chocolate brownie cake that I found here. It's made with black beans instead of flour. I tried making black bean brownies before and it didn't turn out (though, I think it was something I did wrong, and not the recipe) so I was really skeptical, but I have to say, this turned out fabulous! It's a bit "spongier" than regular cake - it has a "hard" airiness to it. It's not hard but the texture feels a bit stiffer in the mouth than regular cake. It may have been the way I beat my egg whites - the were starting to collapse by the time I finished putting everything in the pan. I'm going to throw in some cream of tartar next time to help them hold up a little better. And yes, there will be a next time!

7:45 AM - apple & cottage cheese

10:20 AM - omelet w/ avocado, cheese, onion, green pepper & salsa

2:00 PM - salad w/ chicken breast, tomato, avocado, green peppers & vidalia onion vinaigrette dressing

5:00 PM - chocolate brownie cake

7:20 PM - black bean burgers w/ mustard on romaine lettuce wrap

8:30 PM - cottage cheese & plum

Three cups of coffee and 80 ounces of water.

Calories - 1669
Carbs - 177 (41 fiber)
Protein - 137
Fat - 55
C/P/F Ratio - 40.3/31.3/28.4

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