Thursday, August 20, 2009

Labor Day Challenge - Week 6 - Thursday

I did these 2 as a pair, with 45 seconds of rest at the end of the pair:
negative chin up 5x5xbodyweight
dumbbell shoulder press 5x5x20
I did these 2 as a pair, with 30 seconds of rest at the end of the pair:
dumbbell pull over 3x8x20
standing calf raise 3x8x85

Negative chin ups are kind of easy now. I think I'll move on to assisted chins for P90X, but for pull ups, especially wide grip, I'll have to stick with negative. I can't even do one wide grip negative pull up. Hell, I cam barely reach the wide grip handles on my bar. I guess that's the only disadvantage to my Iron Gym - I have to put my hands where the grips are. I don't have any in between like I'd have on a straight bar. Being a shorty, I don't have a very big wing span. I let my 5 year old make a video of me doing a chin up. I should have turned the lights on. It's so dark. But I could still see my biceps!!

I snacked on a few pretzels today - just a few - and didn't measure them. But I swear, I was good.

7:45 AM - apple & cottage cheese

10:40 PM - turkey bacon, omelet w/ light cream cheese, onion, green pepper & picante sauce

1:40 PM - grilled chicken breast & baked sweet potato chips

3:45 PM - mandarin oranges, mozzarella string cheese

6:10 PM - Swedish meatballs w/ whole wheat pasta; I did not make the pasta from scratch this time. I only do that when my husband is home to help out. Anyway, this was amazing, and I used the brown sauce recipe on the web page. I am absolutely making this again! I used ground chuck this time, but I can definitely see using it with ground turkey & chicken.

8:30 PM - yogurt

Four cups of coffee and 80 ounces of water.

Calories - 1927
Carbs - 170 (15 fiber)
Protein - 151
Fat - 66
C/P/F Ratio - 36.3/32.2/31.5

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