Thursday, April 13, 2017

Day 12 - NROL - Break In A

So, I did do yesterday's workout today, before lifting. And I must say, it gave me a much better lifting session than usual. I think I may need to keep doing Turbo Jam 20 Minute Workout as my lifting warm up. Though, I will have to re-think all the scheduled TJ20MWO on the list. I have 8 more scheduled until I start the next phase of NROL.

Workout - Break In A

(db) squat - 2x15x10 lbs
(db) static lunge - 2x15x5 lbs
db 2-point row - 2x15x15 lbs
push up (knees) - 2x15
Swiss ball crunch - 2x20

I feel like this workout kind of kicked my ass. It's much better than lifting then Turbo.


Breakfast - coffee w/ Splenda & creamer [12]
Lunch - hard boiled eggs [6]
Dinner - chicken & green beans [6]
PWO - juice w/ creatine [2]

It helped that I was super motivated after getting on the scale. Expecting to be up thanks to last night's dinner, I was down 2 pounds since my last weigh in. 12 total! I'm only 3.5 pounds away from my "I am kind of ok being this weight" weight.

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