Saturday, March 11, 2017

52 Days

I am really hating Weight Watchers. I hate obsessing about points and being afraid to eat. I think about switching to the Simply Filling Technique a lot but...I am opposed to fat-free dairies and dressings. Not that I use a tremendous amount of those (aside from the coffee creamer). I can live with fat-free cottage cheese but fat-free cheese? Oh hell no. Sour cream? Yeah, I guess I could do fat-free but I'm not buying separate sour creams when I really don't use it all that much. Milk? My son likes whole milk, as do I. I prefer skim but again, not buying a fat-free version when I use so little.

And then there is the "eat until satisfied" aspect of it. I am actually pretty good at that, though I will finish something on my plate even if I'm full, just because it tastes good. It doesn't take a lot to satisfy my hunger, as long as I eat the right foods throughout the day. It's the "oh my god, I only have 10 points left for the day but if I eat something I won't be able to eat dinner" bullshit that fucks me up.

So, maybe what I will do is eat SFT style, still track, but not worry about how many points I eat (as long as they are from the Power Foods list). For shits and giggles, I went over to IIFYM Macro Diet to see what my macros would be under that program, and let me say - I like what I see.

Protein Grams: 116
Fat Grams: 62Carbs Grams: 87 <---- strong="">That covers my coffee creamer, which comes in around 50-60 grams of sugar. But then I still need to eat enough good carbs to get all the fiber.Fiber Grams: 23-23
1370 Calories Total 


Breakfast - coffee w/ Splenda and creamer [12]
Lunch - sushi & cheese [6] - I only had one piece of a California roll.
Dinner - steak w/ salad and sweet potato [15]

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