Sunday, March 26, 2017

37 Days - Stronglifts - Week 2 - Sunday

So, going into Week 7, I've lost 11.5 pounds. Yes, I know it's because I'm hardly eating, basically living on my coffee creamer. I know that shit has to stop. I have to get over this fucking mental hurdle. This is why I hate trying to lose weight. It fucks with my head. I feel guilty eating anything, and all I want is junk, my comfort food.


Breakfast - coffee w/ Splenda & creamer [6] - I'm going to start iced coffee tomorrow. Hopefully I will like that better with the protein powder and milk.
Lunch - tuna w/ light mayo on light English muffin [8]
Dinner - I was going to eat, but I got pissed off so fuck it.
Snack - banana [0]

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