Friday, March 17, 2017

46 Days

Ok, the secret to being "okay" with my coffee the last month has been not counting all the damn points. I also wasn't eating my weekly or activity points to help with that. But I have finally found something that works for me. I found a protein powder I like and mix it with milk (for now - I would eventually like to mix it with just water). It doesn't taste as good as my beloved creamer but I can tolerate it, and it helps me get more protein. It's almost too sweet now, with my typical Splenda amounts, so I may be able to cut back on that, too. Progress.


Breakfast - coffee [7] - Actual points, not alternative points. I also didn't drink as much as I normally do. I expect my typical coffee consumption to still come in somewhere around 10-12 points, but I don't have to worry about not eating my weekly points to compensate.
Lunch - steak, egg and cheese omelet [16]
Dinner - macaroni and coleslaw [??] - I didn't log this because I have no idea how much I ate. It wasn't a ton but enough to make me feel like a failure.


Melty said...

Awesome! What kind of protein powder?

Becky Walker said...

MuscleTech something.

Melty said...

Is it whey? I can't do whey. I like that idea though. I've put protein powder in mine before.