Sunday, March 12, 2017

51 Days

It's been four weeks and I'm down 6.5 pounds. I still look forward to my workouts. I think about ways to improve my form and this week, I am increasing my weights just a bit. Today's workout was good. The shoulder presses sucked but hopefully that will improve over the next couple weeks.

Workout A

squat - 5x5x70 lbs - up from last week
db shoulder press - 5x5x25 lbs - also up from last week
push up - 3x8 - on my knees, my depth sucks
SHELC - 3x8 - I need to increase my reps
standing calf raise - 3x8x70 lbs - also up
db fly - 3x8x15 lbs - up, as well


Breakfast - coffee w/Splenda and creamer [12]
Lunch - apple & cottage cheese [6]
Dinner - homemade pizza [18] - Yes, I hate myself.

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