Thursday, April 30, 2009

ChaLean Extreme - Week 12 - Thursday

Today was my last Get Lean Intervals!!!! Good freaking riddance! I also took a very adventurous walk with Sara. We got lost and attacked by dogs, and her poor kid got knocked over in his stroller as a result of those bastards whose asshole owners can't control them. We did about 4 miles in 1h12m.

I have a new favorite podcast - TheFitCast - I started listening because they've had Craig Ballantyne on a few times, and he's my hero but these guys (Kevin Larrabee, Leigh Peele & Jonathan Fass) are great! They know their stuff, and are very funny. At the end of the podcast, they have some off topic discussion and I love them!!!

I have made a huge decision. After talking with Hayley about Tuesday's blog (the one about intuitive eating), I have decided that, starting tomorrow, I am no longer going to weigh and track my food in my nutrition tracker. I'm tired of being a slave to measurements, especially when I'm cooking from recipes - because I rarely cook the same way twice. So, I'm not going to do that anymore. I'm not completely abandoning measuring, especially with some of the trouble foods. I'll still measure out peanut butter and nuts and "treats" but that's only so I don't go overboard. And gradually, I'll stop doing that. I am still going to write down everything I eat, but I'm not going to worry about grams of this or grams of that. I'm going to start trusting myself. I feel fairly confident that I can do it this way. I think I've come a very long way in nine months! I didn't think I'd ever get here, but now that I'm here, I am so excited and looking forward to tomorrow's freedom.


In Skwigg's blog entry, she says she stays accountable by weighing every day. I don't want to do that. Weighing every day makes me crazy and I eventually start eating less and less, to almost nothing. That leads to binges. DO NOT WANT. What I do want, for accountability, is a heart rate monitor, the Polar F6. It's about $110 and since I want it by Monday, I'd have to go to Virginia and buy one. But really, the price is bothering me. I've been considering buying one for close to a year now - heck, almost 2 years!!! I was going to get one for Christmas 2007 but changed my mind because, in the end, it wouldn't affect how I did my cardio. I think I blogged about it at the time. Now, I think one will give me the accountability that I need without weighing and measuring. I have absolutely no goal for calories burned - I just want to see what I am burning. And that's a want not a need so I am having a really hard time justifying the cost on something I consider frivolous. I could call it a birthday gift (mine is Saturday) but my husband didn't get a gift on his birthday because we had to spend the money on repairs for his truck. Sara suggested I consider it a reward for all my hard work, but I feel funny about that, too. So I don't know what to do. I know everyone is going to say "Get it!!!" and I know I deserve it but I'm still having a hard time spending that much money on something that is not something I really, really need (but I had NO problem writing a check for $55 for my son's preschool spring pictures that are going to sit in the envelope they came in for eternity).

6:00 AM - apple & cottage cheese

8:30 AM - Fiber One yogurt, mozzarella cheese, Quaker Multigrain Minis

11:00 AM - coffee w/ half-and-half & Splenda, turkey bacon, scrambled eggs w/ onion, green pepper & salsa

12:55 PM - baby carrots

2:50 PM - chicken sandwich w/ cheese

5:40 PM - stir-fry pork & jasmine rice w/ vegetables; I didn't bother tracking this. And it was nice to nibble on green peppers while I cooked, without worrying about how much I ate! I did eat just one serving of rice and probably 4 oz of pork. The bowl look really full LOL

8:30 PM - Total cereal w/ skim milk

No numbers today because of dinner. I'll spot check every now and then.


Sara said...

GAWD! Talk about an adventurous walk! I'm STILL SO damn ANGRY about those effing dogs and the a$$hole owners! So disrespectful!

I could go on and on, as you know, lol!

I couldn't be prouder of you with this landmark day you have coming up tomorrow! This is REAL progress and I think you are going to succeed in a big way that will surprise you! I'll say it again, you are reaching the nirvana of eating, how amazing!

And of course you know EXACTLY what think you should do about the heart rate monitor you want/need so badly... ;)

GET IT!!!!

There's NO REASON fo you not to, stop arguing with me young lady! ;p

Jess said...

What a bunch of effers! I cannot stand it when people let their dogs run the neighborhood...we have the same effing problem where we live.

I am SO proud of you for taking the plunge and not weighing and tracking your food anymore. This is HUGE, girl! You will do wonderful...I don't doubt that a bit!

I wouldn't weigh-in every day either. I have seriously contemplated switching to every other week or maybe even once a month myself but I need that accountability right now.

You know what my thoughts are on the fitness apparatus. I've thought about getting a body bugg myself. DO IT! You deserve it!!! :)

Hayley said...

Ok Becky - if you're going to do it then so am I. Since I keep talking about how it's my goal to do so (and I just read on Tiff's blog that she's doing the same) and now you're doing it I feel like it can sort of be another "challenge" we have for ourselves. I know I don't list my food and calories on my blog, but believe me - I track everyday. I will also still measure out cereal and PB because I EASILY go way too overboard with those and I use really big bowls.

I am SO EXCITED for you to start the Shred too!! :) I'm going to check out the podcast you mentioned.

You so totally deserve a HRM. Look at all the hard work you've done and how far you've come! Not just with your workouts and weightloss but conquering bingeing. You SO deserve really do. And it's your birthday tomorrow?! HAPPY EARLY BDAY!!!!

Becky said...

Thank you, ladies.

My fear with the HRM is that I will also want to buy the 3 other things I've been eyeing for a while. They aren't terribly expensive, and they would totally rock my workouts this summer, but I still feel guilty.


I think I'm going for it. I'll let you know in Sunday's blog.