Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ChaLean Extreme - Week 11 - Tuesday

Today's exercise was a walk. I didn't do a video this morning, so I sprayed some SPF 50 on my shoulders, rubbed some SPF 80 on my face, and hit the pavement. I meant to do 4-5 miles but I was so hungry that I only got 2 miles in (in 30:18). I won't make this mistake again - eat before a walk!!

Last night after I blogged, I did have a cup of tea with cream and honey. I'm not going to go back and put it in my tracker. My cough is back (nose is okay though!) and I figured I'd give tea & honey a shot. It didn't really help, and it was after midnight when i remembered I bought cough syrup last week. The cough is requiring me to drink more water, and I had 176 ounces today - that's 1.375 gallons!

7:00 AM - Total cereal w/ 2% milk, coffee w/ half-and-half & Splenda

11:05 AM - grapes, turkey bacon, scrambled eggs w/ onion, green pepper & picante sauce

1:00 PM - apple & cottage cheese, grapes, almonds

4:00 PM - salad w/ sweet onion dressing; I love this dressing! It's Ken's Sweet Vidalia Onion. It's so good. I just made a plain salad because I was starving and craving the dressing LOL I did have some celery & broccoflower & other veggies I could have used but I was too hungry to chop them up.

6:35 PM - roasted pork chop w/ pasta sauce, peas

8:00 PM - tea w/ honey, ice cream; I needed something to soothe my throat :p

Oh, and I had 3 Junior Mints that my son left lying around. At least, I think they were mints. Oh boy, I hope they were mints.

Calories - 1661
Carbs - 168 (17 fiber)
Protein - 113
Fat - 63
C/P/F Ratio - 39.7/26.7/33.6

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Jess said...

Holy shit, woman?! That's a lot of effing water!!! You go girl!

I <3 that dressing too! I'm on a honey mustard kick but that's definitely a close second.

LMAO about the Junior mints comment! Sounds like something I would do. :D