Monday, August 27, 2007

Week 2 is over!

I weighed in yesterday at 160.5, which is down 5 pounds from my start weight and 2 pounds down from last Monday's gain. Of course, I'm up those 2 pounds today, so at 162.5, my net loss for the first two weeks is 3 pounds. Not horrible, and I am certainly not going to panic yet. It is, however, a bit discouraging. I was in no mood to work out this morning. But I did.

Food was all over the place yesterday. I was starving!!! So I ate. A lot. The only bad thing I ate was 2 packages of Little Debbie peanut butter crunch bars. That's almost 600 calories right there. I also ate pretzels and mozzarella cheese. The rest that I ate is stuff I'd normally eat, just larger quantities. There's no doubt that I need to increase my calories during the week, so I don't pig out on my free day. And damn, why do I insist of frakking things up by eating the candy?? Maybe I should get some frankenchocolate to keep on hand. Or better yet, eat the sugar free pudding I ignored yesterday. That would have been the smarter choice.

Next Sunday, I'll try eating on plan. I have to stop thinking I can eat whatever I want. I need to find healthier alternatives to Little Debbies.

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