Monday, August 20, 2007

Week 1 is over!

I think last week was great! I got up every day when my husband left for work. I worked out first thing instead of dicking around until afternoon, resenting the fact that exercise loomed ahead. I drank 10 cups of water each day, spreading out through the morning and afternoon, rather than trying to cram it in my exercise window.

Two big things I noticed last week are my overall attitude and the time I spent with my son. I was in a much better mood last week than I had been in previous weeks. As a result, I think, I spent more time playing games with my kid. We actually have a nightly game time now. I guess, because I'm not distracted by exercise all day, I have better structure in my daily life. It's easier to enjoy time with my son when I don't have the anticipation of another workout. I really like this. It makes me feel like less of a crappy mom.

Something I plan to do weekly is go back and look at my goals for this challenge, to see how I'm doing. So far, so good, I'd say. My goal of weighing no more than once a week is a bit messed up because I did hop on the scale this morning, just to see how yesterday's free day affected me. Now that I know that I can't have a free day, I will be staying off the scale, except for Sundays.

I know both BFL and BFF advocate a day off plan to sort of shake your body up and keep it guessing. Free days aren't intended to be a "gorge yourself with all you can eat" event, I know. I'd intended to eat pretty clean, then enjoy one or two snacks I wouldn't normally have. That's how my free day started out. I had a normal breakfast, then I got hungry, really hungry! I had BFL style meal a little earlier than normal. Then another at the regularly scheduled time. Then I lost it. I had some pork rinds and some cheese - certainly not horrible things to eat, especially considering I'm still an Atkid at heart and try to eat Atkins style if I can't be on plan.

Dinner is what messed me up. I made meatballs (perfectly fine) and used some Barilla Plus spaghetti and sweet pepper sauce. It was delicious!!! And I couldn't eat that much of it. After a week of eating small meals, my body just couldn't handle a large one. I felt icky. But an hour after dinner, I was hungry again. So I had some more spaghetti. Icky again.

Then the kicker. As I was preparing to make jalapeno poppers, I saw my son's bowl of M&Ms. The angel on my right shoulder said, "No, don't eat that kid's candy!!" The devil on my left said, "It's your free day. Eat the candy!" Damn that devil.

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