Saturday, August 11, 2007

Strive for consistency, not perfection!

This is the 10th of BFL's Nutrition Tips and it is really something I needed to see as I prepare for my first challenge. I am about 15 pounds above my "low" of the year, and it would be easy for me to say that one of my goals for this challenge is to lose those 15 pounds. I don't really know how realistic that is. Sure, it's 12 weeks and I could technically and safely lose up to 24 pounds in that time period. What I'd really like to do, though, is set myself up for a lifetime of proper nutrition and exercise.

There's a PDF file on the BFL site that asks challengers to write down five goals for the 12 weeks. I think I will do that here, with focus on developing a mindset for the future.

1. Strive for consistency, not perfection! Again, I think this tip is so vital. I'm not going to say that I will follow the plan perfectly for all 12 weeks. Instead, I will acknowledge that this challenge, since it is my first, is a learning experience, and I can make mistakes along the way. As long as I learn from them and improve, I've met this goal.

2. Make BFL a part of my life. I'd love to do a second challenge when this one is finished. Then another, and another, until it becomes natural. Being a stay at home parent makes this easier, in terms of preparation and finding the time to exercise, so I'd like to develop a pattern that will allow me to continue this way of life after I return to work.

3. Weigh no more than once a week. I have a horrible scale addiction. I will not be a slave to the scale this time around. As an indicator, I will use the tape measure and, more importantly, how I feel.

4. Learn to like oatmeal. From everything I've read, oatmeal is a staple for many BFLers. I have never cared for the stuff. I'd like to find some that I can choke down by the end of the challenge, so I can have another alternative for morning meals.

5. Make exciting meals. It's easier just to eat plain ground turkey or chicken, with a boring side of carbs and veggies, but really, who wants to eat like that forever? I intend to try out some recipes from the BLF site (and others, of course) and discover new spices and combinations. Anything I really like, I'll be sure to post here!

So there you have it - 5 goals for the next 12 weeks, and none of them say I'll lose "x amount of weight" by the end. Good for me!

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