Friday, August 24, 2007

Challenge 1 Day 11

As I was shopping yesterday, I decided to get my required EAS product out of the way. While I would much prefer not to eat anything so overly processed, I can understand why the BFL folks require that we consume at least one during a challenge. They are, after all, putting up the $200,000+ that is rewarded each year.

My poison of choice was a Myoplex Chocolate Chocolate Chip meal replacement bar, at $1.97. I bought a Diet Coke to go with it because I was sure I would need to lube the esophagus to get the bar down. The outside layer of chocolate was nice and sweet and 100% edible. The inner layer was very chewy, and not really in a good way. It was a cross between a cake and a brick, leaning heavily the brick side. Overall, it certainly wasn't as bad as some *coughAtkinscough* bars I've eaten, but it definitely reinforced my loathing of frankenfoods. Give me something natural (or minimally processed) any day. If I can make it myself and can pronounce and understand the ingredients, I'm likely to eat it.

And that is why I like nutrition programs like Body For Life and Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, and even Atkins - there really isn't the need to buy lots of "specialty" foods. Aside from the single purchase I made yesterday, the BFL Challenge doesn't require me to buy four weeks worth of meals (to get a fifth week free!!!) or keep me fat by hoodwinking me into thinking "it's fat free, so I can eat all I want" like Snackwell did with their line of fat free baked goods back in the day. Of course, there are tons of product out there, and I suppose they have their place, but it took me a long time to learn that just because I can eat something, doesn't mean I should eat it. I understand why companies jump on certain bandwagons and roll out new foods, but it drives me nuts when they try to take advantage of consumers. During the Great Low Carb Craze of 2003, Russell Stover began producing low carb versions of their candies. The red packages screamed "2 NET CARBS!!!" People ate them up, literally! They also spend a lot more time in the bathroom, because the sugar alcohols used to replace sugar can cause severe gastric distress. In layman's terms, that means they give you the runs. But that's not even my beef with Russell Stover and others who jumped on the low carb opportunity. Prior to getting the low carb candy in my area, I had been buying the sugar free version. When the shiny red packages came out, they cost more than the green sugar free bags. After careful inspection, there was virtually no difference in the ingredients between the low carb and sugar free versions. But people saw the "low carb" on the front of the bag and that's all companies needed to make the sale. Shameful, in my opinion.

But I digress. My point is, for some hypocritical reason, I don't like "diet" frankenfoods. But when I'm off plan, I'll sure as heck eat the processed crap. Surely, that is one of my big problems. I can enjoy the natural stuff when I'm on a plan like BFL/BFFM, but as soon as I stop, I seem to forget my anti-frankenfood stance. I need to work on making this way of eating a way of life. When this challenge is over, I'm taking about 2 weeks off to enjoy Thanksgiving with my inlaws, then I'm starting another challenge. But in between challenges, I'm going to make a deal with myself. If I can get through the vacation with the inlaws (where I'll have little control over the menu), I'll reward myself with something for my health, such as a new set of dumbbell weights, or some weight lifting gloves. Or heck, maybe I'll take some sort of fitness class. But I want to reward myself for being healthy with something for being healthy.

And now, on to yesterday's menu. It was better, in terms of calories, but my ratio was off.

4.5 oz apple
1 cup nonfat cottage cheese

1 Myoplex chocolate chocolate chip bar

4 oz carrots
1 low carb tortilla
3 oz ground turkey
1/2 tbs light mayonnaise

2 slices double fiber wheat bread
3 slices Oscar Mayer smoked ham

3 tsp garlic
1 oz green pepper
1 oz onion
1 large egg
1/2 cup egg mates
3 slices Oscar Mayer smoked ham
1 tbs light cream cheese

1/2 cup nonfat cottage cheese

Calories - 1483
Carbs - 139 (26 fiber)
Protein - 152
Fat - 32
Ratio - 35.9c/39.5p/24.6f

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Dianna in Maui said...

Hi Becky, I like the bars because they feel like a treat for me; try the peanut butter ones if you can find them. I'm also using Myoplex Lite - vanilla is gross, but the chocolate is fairly good. Try blending the ready-to-drink one up with a banana and 1T of peanut butter, with a handful of ice. Almost like dessert!

The powder works differently (I usually add a little more water so it's not as thick) but is OK too. You can get the RTD version at Walmart the cheapest (usually).

I have 3 weeks to go before I'm finished with my Challenge and I'm thrilled with the results so far. It has been HARD WORK but so rewarding a so worth it! Good luck to you - you can see my blog at Aloha!