Thursday, August 16, 2007

Challenge 1 Day 3

My arms were killing me yesterday, from Monday's UBWO. Yesterday's LBWO hasn't left me crippled and moaning in agony. I'm not sure I really pushed myself enough, so I'm adding weight to the load for a few exercises.

Food wasn't the best yesterday. It was great until dinner, when I overdid the protein. But hey, Bambi is delicious!

1 cup nonfat cottage cheese
2 oz apple
1 bard boiled egg

2 oz apple
1 tbs peanut butter
4 oz chicken
1 low carb tortilla

3.5 oz tilapia
0.5 tbs light mayonnaise
6 oz cucumber
4 oz carrots
1 oz onion

4 oz chicken
1 low carb tortilla

2 cups peas
8 oz venison

Calories - 1591
Carbs - 117 (34 fiber)
Protein - 198
Fat - 35
Ratio - 29.7c/50.4p/19.9f

I alternate between no appetite and extreme hunger. When I first started BFFM in June, it took about a week to get my body used to eating on a schedule. I hope that familiarity kicks in soon.

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