Thursday, August 23, 2007

Challenge 1 Day 10

I really struggled with my UBWO. The last two body parts were extremely wobbly. I wonder if I need to do my biceps last, instead of third, because those are the hardest, and it makes my arms feel like jelly for the rest of the session. I also need to be quicker in adding plates to the bars - it took almost an entire hour today because I was spending too much time adding and removing weights. An additional set of weights and dumbbell bars is probably a good idea.

Again, food was meh. I am still having trouble getting enough calories. This weekend, I think I will go through my cookbooks and bookmarks and make note of some good BFFM/BFL recipes. It would probably be in my best interest to print them out and put them in a binder. This will make meal planning easier, which makes budgeting easier. I can't believe how often the price of cottage cheese keeps going up! I swear, every time I start a different nutrition plan, the prices of what I need skyrockets. I am so growing a garden next year. We don't really have any farmers markets here, at least not on the beach. There are some across the bridge, but traffic is so horrible with all the slow tourists. And across the state line, there's a great meat processor. We used to get about $1000 worth of meat there, and it would last 7-8 months. We need to do that again, instead of paying outrageous beach prices.

1/2 cup nonfat cottage cheese
1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein powder (YUCK-O in cottage cheese)
1 tsp Splenda
1 slice double fiber wheat bred
16 oz coffee w/ 2 tbs creamer

3/4 cup nonfat cottage cheese
2.5 oz apple

16 oz coffee w/ 2 tbs creamer
3/4 cup nonfat cottage cheese
2.5 oz apple
4 oz carrots

3 oz carrots

10 oz tilapia (it was a late dinner)
1 tbs light mayonnaise
3 tsp garlic
2 oz onion
2/3 cup peas
2/3 cup green beans

5 oz carrots
1 serving Canadian bacon (I actually had enough Canadian bacon to balance the protein with the carbs from the carrots, but when I offered my husband a slice, he ate all of it, so I only got in 1 actual serving)

Calories - 1301
Carbs - 133 (27 fiber)
Protein - 143
Fat - 27
Ratio - 39.3c/42.4p/18.3f

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