Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Challenge 1 Day 15

I think I'm ready to add some weight to my bench press load! I'll start that next week. I wish like hell I could take some off the biceps curl, but I won't since I can actually do it. It's just hard!!! Doing BFL makes me realize how wimpy my workouts used to be! I remember, when I was hardcore Atkins, reading the BFL book and thinking, "I could never eat that way - all those carbs!! And that weight lifting! No way!!" I really don't know what made me look into BFFM a few months ago, but that book changed the way I look at food and exercise, and I was able to think I could actually do a BFL challenge. I do love it! I certainly don't have it down perfect, but I am very pleased with my meals, and I love the workout. I to miss certain aspects of Atkins, particularly Linda Sue's recipes. I need to think Atkins on my free day. I think that will help me stay away from the junk. I need to keep reminding myself that it's not Free Day, it's Atkins Day.

Food was pretty good yesterday. I also went through the BFL site and got some great recipes for lunches and breakfast. I'll post reviews as I make them.

4 oz apple
3/4 cup nonfat cottage cheese
16 oz coffee w/ 2 tbs creamer

1/2 cup brown rice
3 oz ground chicken

16 oz coffee w/ 2 tbs 2% milk
4 slices Oscar Mayer smoked ham
1 slice double fiber wheat bread

3 oz grilled pork ribs
1/2 cup brown rice
1/2 cup butter beans

1/2 cup egg mates
2 oz green pepper
2 oz onion
3 tsp garlic
3 slices Oscar Mayer smoked ham

Calories - 1343
Carbs - 120 (19 fiber)
Protein - 118
Fat - 45
Ratio - 35.3c/34.7p/30f

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