Thursday, August 23, 2007

The math geek in me is awake.

There won't be any real post here. I just wanted to throw out some random calculations on various aspects of nutrition and exercise for my own reference and entertainment.

First, target heart rate for cardio. According to this article, here are the numb3rs:


I need to be working out at 113 to 160 beats per minute. I take my pulse immediately after the end of my 20 minute cardio hell, and I'm in that range. I need to check it at the beginning, when I'm only at intensity level 5 and see if it's at least 113. The last level 6 to level 10 cycle is rough, and I can't take my pulse while I'm in that zone. The pulse meter on my elliptical sucks.

Ok, on to the next random numb3rs, fat and protein needs. I don't have any hard resource for these, other than a woman on Lowcarbfriends who posted them. She works with a trainer, and I know I've seen these numbers in other places. Since I used up all my energy on the elliptical this morning, I am much to lazy to go hunt down a "legitimate" resource. Anyway, her coach advises:

1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass
1/2 gram of fat per pound of lean body mass

So, with 100 pounds of lean body mass, I need about 100 grams of protein and 50 grams of fat per day. If I keep my carbs equal to protein (as I would in a 40/40/20 split), I get:

100 carb grams * (4 cal/gram) = 400 calories from carbs
100 protein grams * (4 cal/gram) = 400 calories from protein
50 fat grams * (9 cal/gram) = 450 calories from fat

That gives me 1250 calories per day.

Haha. I don't like this method. And actually, it's not right anyway, because carbohydrates are supposed to make up the difference in your calorie requirements, so they'd be higher than BFFM/BFL plans.

Sparkpeople recommends that I eat 1200-1550 calories, 163-236 grams of carbs, 32-56 grams of fat, and 60-127 grams of protein. My BFFM/BFL ranges are 1600-1800 calories, 160-185 grams of carbs, 180-185 grams of protein, and 35-45 grams of fat. It's amazing to me, as an Atkid, that I've become so "afraid" of fats that I'm not even hitting my lower limit most days. My other ranges are great. I need to eat more fat!

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