Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Videos Challenge - Week 5 - Weekend

On Saturday, I went for a bike ride with my son. It was leisurely, because that's the only bike pace he knows. I didn't wear my heart rate monitor and I didn't take any activity points for it.

On Sunday, I did a double lifting workout - it was no worse than P90X Legs & Back. I hated being off schedule, so I decided to do both of the ones I was behind on. I wanted to sync back up because I absolutely cannot stand this "no exercise video" thing. I'm going to do one more week of it, to bring me to the end of this particular lifting routine, then I'm going to add my Turbo back in. I'm going crazy without Turbo. I'm not motivated to run or do other things. I need my Turbo. I am having dreams of Turbo Jam.

squat 5x5x100 lbs
push up 3x12
conventional dead lift 5x5x115 lbs
hanging leg raise 3x12

squat 5x5x100 lbs
db bench press 5x5x37.5 lbs
assisted pull up 3x12 

Another change, starting tomorrow, I'm going back to counting daily points. I love the Simply Filling Technique but I'm just having so much trouble with food in general. I've gotten careless and can't get it under control. I ate horribly over the weekend - I even bought Halloween candy knowing we probably wouldn't get any trick or treaters. I'm so ashamed and disgusted with myself. 

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