Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No Videos Challenge - Week 3 - Tuesday

squat 5x5x95 lbs
db push press 5x5x25 lbs
chin up 3x12 - all assisted
prone jackknife 3x12

2 activity points for this. I was not in the mood to exercise this morning. I am still tired from not enough sleep. I have to go to bed earlier. My hip is also bothering me, still. I didn't feel anything when doing squats but that jackknife was not fun at all. If it doesn't start feeling better soon, I may have to rethink the running. I don't want a running-related injury to get in the way of my strength training.

eggs w/ avocado & tomato on toasted Sandwich Thin [1 pt]
apple & cottage cheese
cole slaw [2 pts]
chicken kabobs w/ firecracker beet slaw
cottage cheese & plum

80 ounces of water, four (or five?) teas and one coffee. 34 weekly points remaining and I used both of my activity points.

I really, really wanted one (or 50) of the pumpkin oatmeal cookies I made yesterday but I knew if I hate one, I'd eat more than I should. So I ate fruit instead. It sucked.

Days Binge Free: 16


Melty said...

It sounds exactly like my hip. The running is what aggravates it. I could squat but not do a jacknive. They wnated to give me a cortisone shot but I stuck with the drugs. But every time I run, it acts up again. I might have to get the shot.

Becky said...

It sucks! It was perfectly fine before yesterday's run, which was the same as Friday's run, except it was hotter. Well, I must have been going faster because I burned about 70 more calories yesterday. Anyway, it bothers me to run on it. I couldn't do much during Go Far today.

Melty said...

Advil, advil, advil. A whole bunch and a lot. My pcp said two, three times a day or three, two times a day. It worked.

Becky said...

Great. Now I have no excuse not to run. I was going to try the 100 burpee challenge tomorrow.

Brandie said...

Rest today, ice, and anti inflammatories... Then try easing back into the running. Also, make sure you are not crossing over your legs when you run, that can cause your IT band to cross over your hip bone as you run. Oh, and make sure you are stretching the IT band (and everything else after the run).

Says the self proclaimed non runner (as I sit here nursing shin splints.....

Becky said...

Thanks for the tips, Brandie!

Melty said...

Brandie, that was more helpful than anything the ortho doctor told me. Thank you! Any ideas on how to strengthen that area or anything else to help prevent it?

Brandie said...

Hey ladies! Sorry, I just saw this post back! Here is a link to some good stretches for the IT band as well as some strengthing exercises: http://runningtimes.com/Article.aspx?ArticleID=6099&PageNum=1

One of the things that happens when you run or bike a lot is the quads get really strong, and your gluts and hamstrings are weaker, causing you to swivel when you run. My sports med guy said that you basically want to have no hip swing when running, and that if you had head lights on your hips they wouldn't be moving (I am so not there yet!).

Also, there is a picture with a foam roller, I never did use one until this year when my training started picking up quite a bit more (working on a 1/2 marathon). Before that, the stretching helped a lot. So, you probably won't need one right now.

Good luck, and rest a bit before starting back up. (and start back slow, good walkign and running intervals)

Good luck! LMK how it goes.