Monday, October 11, 2010

No Videos Challenge - Week 3 - Monday

I managed to get a whopping 90 minutes of sleep last night. I have no idea why I couldn't fall asleep. It sucked. I did not get up and run at 5 AM. I was awake, but exhausted. So I ran after work. It was hot as hell out, too. I'm averaging a 15 minute mile with the 2 min walk/3 min run pattern, which sucks. With cool down, I did 38 minutes, and burned 353 calories (3 activity points).

oatmeal & banana
coleslaw [2 pts]
hard boiled eggs w/ red pepper slices, plum
pumpkin oatmeal cookie [1 pt]
bulgur w/ curried potatoes & peas (with avocado & tomato, too)
apple & cottage cheese

80 ounces of water and one coffee. 35 weekly points remaining and all activity points used. I'm missing part of a dairy serving.

Days Binge Free: 15

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