Thursday, October 7, 2010

No Videos Challenge - Week 2 - Thursday

squat 5x5x90 lbs
push up 3x12
conventional dead lift 5x5x110 lbs
hanging leg raise 3x12

2 activity points for this.

eggs w/ tomato & avocado on toasted Sandwich Thin [1 pt]
salad w/ fat free dressing, chocolate milk [1 pt]
red pepper slices
zucchini & yellow squash stir fry
apple & cottage cheese

72 ounces of water and one coffee. 18 weekly points remaining and I used both of my activity points.

I thought, with the pumpkin fair over, I'd have more time to relax, or at least eat properly. Instead, I'm spending even more time at the school, either at work or doing fundraising stuff for the PTA. I have two more events that I have to coordinate this year. I feel useful, and I love the work, but it makes eating difficult. Of course, I have access to a full kitchen and refrigerator but I miss my egg breakfasts. The one I had this morning was hastily prepared and cold by the time I got a chance to scarf it down, between making Sebastian's lunch and getting my shower and prepping the Crock Pot. I am really nervous what's going to happen when I start subbing in the after school program. I usually won't know ahead of time so I'm sure things are only going to get more hectic.

Days Binge Free: 11

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