Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Videos Challenge - Week 2 - Sunday

My kid rocks. Last night, he had me teach him how to squat, dead lift, row, and do dumbbell snatches. Then he made himself a workout folder and put it with mine. He used the resistance bands and the EZ curl bar to do overhead presses. He did spin jumps and wacky jacks. This morning, I taught him skullcrushers and tricep kickbacks. Now I'm going to pat myself on the freaking back for being a good role model!

Today was also weigh in day. I'm going to try to remember to do it every 2 weeks. I started at 137.5 pounds and today I'm 131 pounds. I know most of that was water weight because a few days after I started this round, I hopped on the scale and was 132. So I've still lost 1 real pound. I also did my measurements. I was either incredibly bloated at the start (very likely) or I'm measuring wrong (also likely). To be honest, I was expecting to be up (from the 132) because I feel like I've been over eating. But I may be underestimating my activity (since I don't take activity points for my Go Far stuff) and I'm working more some days (between extra work hours and PTA stuff). It's very motivating to have a loss when you don't expect it. Now I won't be down on myself all day.

apple & cottage cheese
omelet w/ cheese [2 pts], onions, peppers, avocado & tomato, toasted Sandwich Thin w/ sugar free jelly [1 pt]
chicken momnuggets [1 pt for coating] & mashed potatoes
venison meatloaf [3 pts for bread crumbs & sugar] w/ mixed vegetables
banana & Fiber One Honey Clusters [3 pts] - I could have had Oreos but didn't.

No water and two coffees. 6 weekly points unused.

Days Binge Free: 14


dunshster said...

That is so cute that your kid is helping your workout! I have been doing P90x off and on, and I think I need a kid to help motivate me :)

Becky said...

He's such a trip. He loves with Tony Horton says "buttocks" and just laughs his own buttocks off. My son even made an exercise video a few months ago. He kills me.