Saturday, October 16, 2010

No Videos Challenge - Week 3 - Saturday

squat 5x5x95 lbs
db bench press 5x5x35 lbs
assisted pull up 3x12 
This is my favorite of the three workouts. 2 activity points for this. I was tired so I probably didn't do as well as I could have. My son's asthma is flaring up and it was a really long night of coughing and vomiting and crying.

oatmeal & banana
Don't ask!!! Let's just say I am resetting my binge count again. AGAIN!!!!! FML! Stupid bake sale fundraiser.

20 ounces of water and tea/coffee - I lose count these days. 

Days Binge Free: 0


Melty said...

Oh that sucks Becky. I'm actually patting myself on the back today because we went to a party and I had a salad, three chips, a small piece of spinach calzone and 1 chocolate chip cookie, even though I wanted to eat the face off the host.

Brandie said...

That sucks! Sorry Becky... and way to go Melty! ;-)

I love the plank test... but I just realized that I am sticking my rear up too high during planks, so am trying to correct that.... a lot harder then it used to be! :-)