Saturday, October 2, 2010

No Videos Challenge - Week 1 - Saturday

I was finally able to get out and walk/run this morning. The plan was to start the Week 3 pattern - 3 minute walk, 2 minute run six times. I had my Gymboss ready and I even turned it on. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear it when it was clipped to my waistband because my mp3 player was too loud. So I moved it to my bra strap and lowered my music volume. I missed the first interval and only got in 5 cycles. Oh well. And I don't know who or why my Polar changes my target heart rate zones all the time, but today I never even hit my zone. I walked/ran for 32:55 and burned 188 calories. My max heart rate was 139 and my average heart rate was 113. I didn't go fast, obviously. Anyway, I'll take 2 activity points.

eggs w/ cheese [2 pts] on toasted Sandwich Thin [1 pt]
hard boiled eggs, raw vegetables
McDonald's - I didn't do my points, but I didn't overeat. Assume I've used them all.

20 ounces of water and two coffees. No weekly points remaining and I used both of my activity points.

I'm exhausted from the Pumpkin Fair. My body is sore from moving bales of straw and giant pumpkins and huge buckets of water. Tomorrow we have to spend the day delivering straw and pumpkins and ugh. I'm ready for to to be over.

Days Binge Free: 6


Melty said...

You know you can set it to vibrate and beep right? And that you can adjust the volume?

Becky said...

I'm a dumbass. I replied to the email alert I got about this.

Yes. It was up all the way too. I knew I could set it to vibrate but I
didnt think I would feel it anyway.