Tuesday, October 27, 2009

P90X - Week 8 - Tuesday

I did ARX this morning. For some reason, it is actually getting harder to do the oblique v-ups. I hate doing abs. The bone at the bottom of my spine hurts during some of the moves - I use a yoga mat and a folded up kindergarten nap mat. I don't know what else to do other than try a couch cushion, but I worry that it will not work the abs as well.

Core Synergistics is always interesting. I really, really enjoy the push ups. I didn't do a single push up on my knees today. I was very pleased with that. I also managed to complete the plank-to-chaturanga ISO (but not the run). Oh, for prison cell push ups, I didn't do the part where they jump up. I just pulled my knees in and kept doing reps. I actually forgot about the jump part but wanted to stay consistent. I'll make sure to hit it Friday. Also on Friday, I'll be increasing my weights for all the weighted work. I really should wear my heart rate monitor during this workout. I am drenched and my heart is racing throughout. I can't decide if I earned 2 or 3 Activity Points for this one. I'm leaning toward 2, but every point is going to count this week since a) I have fewer daily points, b) there's not as much exercise on the schedule and c) Friday & Saturday are going to be chock full of Halloween goodness. I have a very scary menu planned for me and the kid.

I wanted to do Turbo Jam again today but I was too lazy. I'm kind of disappointed in myself. It's such a fun workout, but exhausting. Still, I feel like I'm slacking off. Just because it's Recovery Week doesn't mean I shouldn't work hard. So, I loaded up a back pack with fruit cups and boxed milk and ramen noodles and walked to the library to drop that off at the food bank collection they have going. I have a trunk half-full of stuff to donate but I can never get to the actual food bank when it's open. I could at least carry the lighter stuff in my bag. I'll make another trip tomorrow with the boxes of pasta. The canned goods are just going to have to wait until Friday when I can be lazy and drive to the regular location, since Sebastian doesn't have school.

Speaking of Sebastian, I am so proud of MYSELF for being a good fitness influence on him. He's always coming to me with new exercises he's invented, and most days, he jumps in when I'm doing a P90X workout. He loves yoga & stretch, and sneaky lunges. Since Sam & I started doing Weight Watchers, Sebastian is also more mindful of what he eats. He reaches for fruit and pretzels (and doesn't ask for junk all that much - and when he does, a quick "no" does the job). He has a treat every other day or so. With Halloween coming, I'm trying to hold back a bit. We're going to be making some chocolate gremlins & meringue ghosts on Friday. He's been asking to make them now, but I know if we did that, we'd both eat the whole batch before the weekend, then we'd have to make more. You can find the recipes for those in Pillsbury's Halloween ebook. We're making those on Friday afternoon, then on Saturday, we are eating hot dog mummies & Halloween soup for lunch, and a cauldron of chili with spider breads for dinner. I'm very excited. I love Halloween, and I think I'm going to really start playing it up. It's too bad no one around here goes trick-or-treating the way we did as kids. In the decade that I've lived in this house, I've had fewer than 10 trick-or-treaters. Bummer.

Total cereal w/ skim milk [2 pts]

scrambled eggs w/ onion, green pepper, light cream cheese & salsa, light English muffin w/ jelly [5 pts]

tuna salad w/ black bean, corn, avocado & light balsamic vinaigrette [5 pts]

raw red pepper slices & steamed broccoli [1 pt]

the crust from my son's grilled ham & cheese sandwich [1 pt]; I don't know if I really ate that much, but I'd feel guilty if I didn't count it as something.

chicken breast & whole wheat pasta w/ red peppers & onions [7 pts]

Four cups of coffee [1 pt] and 80 ounces of water.

22 points today. 33 weekly and 8 activity points remaining.

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