Sunday, October 25, 2009

P90X - Week 7 - Sunday

After I blogged last night, I had some roasted pork, so my Activity Points are down to 10 for today.

X Stretch today. I wish I could get Camel down. That one gives me problems every week.

I know I said recently that I was, for sure, doing another round of P90X. That is still the plan, but I might do another round of ChaLean Extreme. During this round of P90X, I've had a fantastic virtual workout buddy, and she's thinking about maybe doing CLX. If she does decide to do it, I am going to do it with her. It's been very good for me to have her with me during this challenge.

Total cereal w/ skim milk, banana [3 pts]

protein granola bar [3 pts], I had about 3/4 of one.

sliced turkey w/ turkey bacon & mustard on Flat Out bread, sliced cucumber & peppers [6 pts]

yogurt [3 pts]; I tried the new Breyers Inspirations yogurt (mint chocolate chip) and it's delicious! I wonder if this would freeze well to be more like ice cream.

chicken breast & black bean, corn & avocado salad w/ lime vinaigrette dressing [8 pts]

apple & cottage cheese [4 pts]

Two cups of coffee [0 pt] and 80 ounces of water.

27 points today, with 4 activity points left and lost.

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Mel said...

awww, thanks for the pimping Becky! I am almost 100% certain I'll do it. Just want to review the videos first. Honestly, I'm getting antsy to try something new already.