Sunday, October 11, 2009

P90X - Week 5 - Sunday

I did X Stretch today and it felt so good!!!

I thought a lot about WW activity points this morning and looked at the information on the slider. Even for light, not breaking a sweat activities, you get points. I was only going to give myself APs for cardio workouts and the Legs & Back workout (because it's high intensity for me), but I think I'm screwing myself if I don't take APs for the other two weight workouts, the yoga, and the stretch. If I exclude warm up and cool down, I get 2 points per (moderate) weight workout. I'd call yoga a moderate workout as well, because I do break a sweat, - so 3 points for that. Stretch gets 2 points. That's an extra 9 points I'm adding on that I could take this week. I was down to 2 before adding these in. I don't want to under eat and I know damn well I'm not over eating here.

I got an unofficial answer to yesterday's question about servings per day, and points. My friend Caity said, "It's per day. I remember we discussed it in a meeting once. If you eat more than one serving in a 24 hour period, you have to use the higher points." Thank you, Caity!

And I must rant about something right now. I've been using SparkPeople to track my calories for over 2 years. I trusted the nutritional information that was offered there (that was entered by Spark, not other users). Today, I learned that boneless, skinless chicken breast (which I eat tons of) has about 50 calories more per 100 grams than Spark says. I don't know why it's so different - the cooking methods I go by are always roasted with no added fat. My MasterCook recipe program and TheDailyPlate give the same information as Spark, but FitDay, CalorieCount, the USDA database, and CalorieKing all give higher numbers. I don't know what to go by. In terms of WW, the difference in points between the two sets of numbers is 2 points! That is a BIG DEAL.

cantaloupe & cottage cheese [3 pts]

scrambled eggs w/onion, green pepper & picante sauce, light English muffin w/ reduced-sugar jelly [4 pts]

yogurt & banana [3 pts]

green pepper slices & Canadian bacon [2 pt]

grilled pork loin & baked sweet potato chips [8 pts]

apple & mozzarella string cheese [2 pts]

cottage cheese w/ cinnamon & Splenda [4 pts]

Four cups of coffee [1 pt] and 80 ounces of water.

27 points today, with 5 APs to spare.


Jess said...

Woo-hoo! Great job! Glad you got an answer on the WW issue.

Mel said...

I'm going to disagree a little with Caity based on my leader and experience. Or it could have been that way at one point. I will double check with my leader on Thursday.

If you were eating cereal all day long and nothing else, you are not doing WW. Your daily target is suppose to be used up on your good health guidelines... milk, oil, lean protein, fruits and veggies, etc. If you are eating your target in cereal, you are not doing WW. You are doing the Becky plan (I know you are not doing this...just making a point)

If you choose to have two servings of cereal, count the 4 points. If you have one serving for breakfast and then another at supper, take it as one serving at a time. Sometimes you get the most bang for your buck in a point, and sometimes you don't. One serving of Special K, gives you the bang. Two, doesn't. That's the way points work and it all evens out at the end of the day/week if you are eating properly to begin with.

That being should treat your milk servings as 2 pts for the full cup if over the course of the day you get a full cup (which you should be getting 2 milk servings a day on the WW plan). This is a regular thing for you that you are consuming your milk this way, it's part of your good health guidelines, take the points. You can always earn that point back in Activity if you really need it.

If you have less than 1/2 cup of milk, take 0 or .5. You need to make the decision if you are going to count half points or not. I don't. But WW will calculate things to the half point if you want to count it that way.

You have to look at the whole picture and see where what you are doing is going to fit into your plan. One serving of FF cool whip I think is free. But if you eat it four times a day, you need to count it.

I think one way to look at is, one serving is what you are suppose to eat. It's what our bodies are meant to consume. Stick to one serving. If you are eating another serving at another meal time, then count it as one serving. If you are doubling up your servings, then you need to be accountable for eating more than one serving. Sometimes that means extra points. If you go back 10 minutes later for another bowl, I think istead of stressing over how many points to take, you need to look at why you are doing that. Are you really hungry or are you bored? Or are you obessing?

I know with the Special K Protein cereal, which I love, I can easily eat several servings and it doesn't fill me up the way say, a veggie omlete or something does, so I usually use it as a snack. It's just not enough to be a breakfast for me.

For the 5 servings/count it thing, If it's most veggies, I wouldn't count it. I eat from 7-9 servings of veggies a day and I don't count them unless it's a starchy veggie (corn, potato, beets) but if it's cool whip, or a tbsp of milk, or zero point soup, then you need to start counting a point for each serving over the first five. And I'd re-evalute the way you are eating because that's a lot food. Why are you not getting full that you need to eat that much. There is probably something wrong in your menu.

Mel said...

OMG, I almost lost that entire post. If not for the grace of God!

Becky said...

It was a most excellent post, too. I'm glad you didn't lose it.

I understand what you're saying, and I do get that it's intended to be that way. The math just bothered me.

Mel said...

I understand. It's not exact and you want exact. But I've done the program trying to get as much food as I could for as little points, (change the serving to size to exactly right under the next point value) and it doesn't work. You'll lose some, but eventually it stops.

Becky said...

It's not that I necessarily want exact for my own eating. I have absolutely no problem eating over my allotment. Coming from meticulous calorie and macronutrient monitoring, I was just trying to make sense of the system in terms of numbers. Ultimately, the numbers aren't that important. Getting the right servings of the right foods is. For me, anyway. And learning not to obsess over numbers.