Saturday, October 24, 2009

P90X - Week 7 - Saturday

Kenpo today. I really brought it, too - 392 calories burned (earned 4 Activity Points). I was going to double up and do X Stretch today, so I wouldn't have to do it tomorrow, but I was running late for something I wanted to go to locally (which I ended up missing anyway).

I looked at my calculations again for my Weight Watchers points and since I'm under 130 pounds, I need to drop 1 point from my daily points. So starting Monday, my daily points goal will be 20 points (along with the 35 weekly points and whatever activity points I earn). Being in Recovery next week, I won't be working out as hard. Less food for me. Bummer.

banana & cottage cheese [3 pts]

Total cereal w/ skim milk & banana [3 pts]

scrambled eggs w/ onion, green pepper & salsa, light English muffin w/ jelly [5 pts]

green & red pepper slices [1 pt]

apple & cottage cheese [5 pts]

yogurt [2 pts]

roasted chicken, steamed broccoli & cauliflower w/ salsa [5 pts]; I am very, very sad that this meal used the last of my favorite sweet & spicy salsa/sauce. I must find a recipe for it. My best friend in California got it for my for my birthday the last two years. If I can't find a recipe, I'll have to order some. I seriously love this stuff! It's called Sweet Heat Addiction and it's made by

protein granola bar [4 pts]

Four cups of coffee [1 pt] and 80 ounces of water.

29 points today. 0 weekly and 14 activity points remaining.

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