Friday, October 9, 2009

P90X - Week 5 - Friday

I got up at 5 AM and did Legs & Back, followed by ARX. I tried to use the chair less for the assisted pull ups. As a result, I did fewer reps than I did the last time I did this work out, but I felt like it worked me better. Crazy me did Turbo Jam Cardio Party 2 (43 minutes and 320 calories) less than 2 hours after finishing my workout and it was rough. I probably could have handled Cardio X that close to the other workout, but TJ was tough as hell with wasted legs.

My son was a riot today. I was cooking dinner and he yelled, "Mommy, I'm doing sneaky lunges!" I walked out to the living room and sure enough, he was sneaky lunging across the room just like Tony Horton and the gang. Then Sebastian wanted to learn more exercises, so I picked out some of the funnier stuff - wacky jacks, Groucho walk, leap frog. Then he wanted to try some yoga. He's pretty good with the vinyasa. He does a fantastic downward dog, too! Child's pose - nails it ;p Then for good measure, he threw in my favorite Turbo Jam move - the Twist. Fun kid. I'm pooped.

Food sucked today, and I'm really disappointed in myself. I bought some candy corn and ate most of the damn bag. I'm completely out of weekly points, and I'm down to 3 activity points (I'll earn 2 more tomorrow) to get me through Sunday. Bummer.

apple & cottage cheese [3 pts]

chocolate milk & banana [4 pts]; I definitely needed a pick me after my P90X workouts this morning.

eggs & toast w/ light cream cheese [7 pts]

green pepper slices, chicken breast on romaine lettuce wraps [5 pts]

candy corn [12 points]; Yeah. Really.

banana [1 pt]

pita pizza [7 points]; We made pizzas with whole wheat pitas, onions, green peppers, turkey bacon, Canadian bacon & mozzarella cheese. They were delicious.

Two cups of coffee [0 points] and 80 ounces of water.

41 points today. Damn it. I can't even be sure of my math.


Jess said...

This sounds like my Tuesday, so I feel ya. If you've got a sweet tooth, cotton candy is so low in points it's not even funny! Walmart sells it for like $1 per tub and it's like 2-3 points for the entire tub. Smarties aren't too bad either. 1 point for 2 rolls. :D

And...if you want a guilt-free sweet treat, and you like pumpkin, try Pumpkin Fluff: This shit is the bomb! I'm not kidding! :oP I need to make some myself...

Becky said...

I am not a fan of Smarties or cotton candy. They are safe from my urges. I also won't eat anything gummy. I wonder how many points are in Necco wafers. I could eat the hell out of those.

The fluff looks fantastic! I never would have thought to put those ingredients together, but if I remember to buy pumpkin Sunday, I'll give it a shot! Thanks.

Jess said...

LOL! Can you tell I'm a candy junkie? *blushes*

According to, one roll of Necco wafers = 1 point.

Yeah...I'm completely serious about that pumpkin fluff. I forgot about it until now. Good luck finding pumpkin though. Per my BFF, apparently there was a pumpkin shortage a couple of years ago and it's just now catching up to us. It's supposedly hard to find right now. But I'm going to look too! YUMMY!

Becky said...

1 point? Wow. I better not buy any. I will eat them.

I heard about the shortage. I think the last time I actually remembered to check for it at the store, they were out.

Any idea how to make fresh pumpkin usable?

Jess said...

Oops. Probably shouldn't have mentioned it. Although, if you just do like I do and pick up a small amount, then it's not so bad. Once they're gone, they're gone. :)

I found this link that looks pretty helpful and easy: Hmm...

Becky said...

Very helpful link - thank you! We have one pumpkin, but I think Sebastian is going to carve it. Darn.