Saturday, October 10, 2009

P90X - Week 5 - Saturday

Kenpo today. I read on the Beachbody boards to try doing the routine with light hand weights. As much as I'm opposed to using hand weights during cardio (because of potential injury to the wrists), I went ahead and used my 3 pounders. They were too heavy for this kind of stuff. I used them on and off throughout the workout, but I thought I was working better without them. I used the weights to try to burn more calories, and I ended up burning fewer than usual (328) but I think it's because my legs are still toast.

I'm very pleased. I took this WW point calculator and downloaded the web page to make it available offline, and transferred it to my phone. So now I can calculate points anywhere, and I don't even need to be online. Yay!

I need some help from my WW friends. As you know, I'm pretty compulsive about calories and such, and have always resisted WW because I didn't feel like it was a true account of what we really eat. Obviously, it works for many, many people, and maybe I just spend too much time thinking about stuff, but here's my problem. I'm going to use the Special K Protein Plus cereal as an example. Per serving (29 g of cereal, no milk), it has 100 calories, 3 g fat, and 5 g fiber. That is 1 point per serving. It's almost 2 points, but it clearly falls in the 1 point block. If I were to eat two servings at once, that's 200 calories, 6 g fat and 10 g fiber. That is 4 points. Barely 4, but clearly in the 4 point block. I realize that only the first 4 grams of fiber per serving count, and that's why the number is so much higher.

Let's say I have a double serving of cereal 5 times a day. That's 20 points, just 1 point under my daily limit, but only 1000 calories for the day. If I have 1 serving 10 times a day, that's 10 points, and still 1000 calories. In theory, I can still eat the same amount of cereal, but only use up half the points. Obviously, the latter method is the way to go, but where do you say, "Okay, enough time has passed since I ate that bowl that I can have another and it's still only 1 more point?" How much time has to elapse for servings to be considered separate? I could EASILY eat 4-5 servings of cereal at once. Four servings at once is 16 points. Another example, and this one is relevant to me, is milk. I drink 4 cups of coffee per day (usually), with 2 tbs (0 points) skim milk in each cup. That adds up to 1/2 up of milk (1 point). But I drink those 4 cups over an 8-10 hour period. It's "only" 1 point, but sometimes I need that point. Mathematically, WW is weird to me. The general rule of "if you consume 5 or more servings of a 0 point food, count it" confuses me, too. Count each serving as 1 point? Or count each serving after 5 as 1 point?

Special K cereal w/ skim milk, banana [3 pts]

scrambled eggs w/onion, green pepper & picante sauce, light English muffin w/ reduced-sugar jelly [4 pts]

chicken pizza pita [7 pts]

shrimp & scallops w/ whole wheat pasta & mixed vegetables [7 pts]

cottage cheese w/ cinnamon & Splenda [4 pts]

Two cups of coffee [0 points? Or half a point?] and 80 ounces of water.

25 points today. I still have 2 activity points for tomorrow. I'll have to eat like a bird.


Jess said...

That is SO cool about the calculator on your phone. I think I could do that too but I don't have the internet on my phone.

All very good questions. I wish I had some answers for you. I scoured the WW website and couldn't find any answers. What I will tell you is that when I did the meetings, our leader told us that although some foods have calories, there are certain foods that take more calories to burn during the digestion process than what you take in. Carrots are one of those foods (as long as you're not eating a huge bag of them). Does that help a little?

Becky said...

I do understand what she's talking about - the whole negative calorie thing. Celery is one of the examples people like to give as a negative calorie food but here is no scientific evidence to back up the theory.

I just want to make sure I'm giving myself the right amount of food without cheating myself one way or the other. I'm not really concerned about the vegetables, but the milk and the cereal and I think I run into the same problem with cottage cheese - those are things I could eat a lot of.

Rich said...

Nice one on the pita pizzas.

Becky said...

Oh, Jess - do you have a web browser on your phone but not Internet, or nothing at all? The calculator is an offline page - you don't need to be online for it. It's html, so you'd need a browser, but not Internet.

Jess said...

I would *assume* that if you're not eating it in one sitting that you would just log the food as the points come up in your calculator. My on-line points calculator/tracker does it that way and I'm still losing weight (knock on wood - plus I've got much more to lose than you). Could you just try it that way for a little while and then switch it up if you're not losing?

Matt said that we do have web browsers on our phones but he said that as soon as it starts up, it connects to the internet. I get charged per MB usage so I don't know how that'd work (I'm not very tech savvy)???

Becky said...

Bummer. It's a handy little page.

I don't know what to do about the points thing. The weight is coming off so slowly even when I try that it probably doesn't matter one way or another. Shoot, I'm only getting on the scale every 45 days. So I'd never know. But now that I've asked myself the question, it's bothering me that the same amount of food can have two different values.

Jess said...

Well...I know how much you hate NBBC, but there is a large WW group on there. I'm sure someone there would know. I know there's also a few groups on SP too...

You do have a valid question. Let us know if you find out the answer...